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Welcome to the website of the Court Reporting Intern Book. The best resource for individuals breaking into the Court Reporting world. Buy it as a gift for your grad, or for yourself as the best way to start your new career!

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About the Book

This fascinating and well-written book is the most current book for court reporting interns and it will give you a feeling of “Yes I Can” that you can tuck in your pocket and take with you everywhere. 



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About the Author

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Kathie Brodie C.C.R. has been a respected Certified Court Reporter for over three decades.  She grew up entrenched in the legal world, because both her father and grandfather were attorneys – She remembers her father telling her from an early age, “A court reporter will always have work.”  Read more


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Experience is the best teacher. Internship is the best way to get experience when you are in school, picking up some of the wealth of experience provided by your mentoring reporter.
Kathie Brodie’s book is a comprehensive guide on how to find a mentor, how to act as an intern, and how to get the most out of the experience and then apply it to yourself and your goals.